Message From Principal

M.R.S Police Public School, Phillaur continues to remain a stronghold for a group of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who strongly believe that now is the time of the Global Indians; who is not only a repository of information but also confident, conscious and ready to take on the world but stays connected to his roots.
Our vision, mission and goal encapsulate ‘To climb up the ladder of success ethically in all spheres of life’. Working with this belief, we toil hard to put up an entire team of individuals who exemplify this very spirit in its true sense. We firmly believe that people remember and absorb best what they enjoy. Through interactive sessions we ensure 100 percent participation, motivational programmes are given through fascinating presentations by drawing on the wisdom of good teachers. We constantly emphasize on the building blocks of motivation such as appreciation, perseverance and a commitment for Excellence.
Finally, a much needed time for contemplation and reflection against the backdrop of ethics and sensitivity, taught in school, gives our children an opportunity to reflect on their values and strengths.